About Redlight…

A friend tackles a tough topic…worth following!


Redlight. Funny name, but it has a key meaning. There’s an old story that says prostitutes placed red candles or lanterns near their houses as a sign that they would give sexual favors to men. Now, the word red-light is used to label districts known for brothels and prostitution. I chose the title not just for the tie to human trafficking, but because redlight conveys a picture of stopping, ending.

Redlight Background 2 The red-light district in Amsterdam. Cases of human trafficking have been reported here.

Why am I writing about human trafficking? Good question. I found out about human trafficking when I was 13, and I was shocked that other kids my age could be bought and sold in the U.S. During high school, I wrote a couple of speeches and papers on the topic to inform my community and raise awareness. I’ve continued to research it in college, and now I’m…

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