Don’t just leave…

Matt Chandler has been one of few influential (in a positive sense) pastors in my life over the last several bumpy years. Then he suddenly stepped away from his position for an indefinite leave of absence. The reason? He had a female friend. Not a sexual or romantic involvement. A friend. And in a church where brother-sister Christian relationships were supposedly encouraged.

I’ve come out of my black hole to beg you…Come on, Matt…don’t just leave! I’m not asking you to “fight” per se. I’m just asking you to be real. Truthful. Own anything that went over the line, and keep pursuing that which is SO lacking in Christian culture today! Keep pursuing and advocating for *healthy* male/female friendship, for Imago Dei “one another” relationships – from your place of leadership, with more transparency than ever! We need this. We need you!

Jay Stringer, not a pastor but a major influencer, wrote an excellent article about this, so I’ll share here – and I’ll keep praying for you Matt!

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