5 things

Share five things you’re good at.

  1. Running. I love to run. And I am good at it. Not olympic good, but good.
  2. Connecting. This is what I “buzz” on. Getting to know people. Helping them know themself. My theme song, if I had one, would be The Good Parts by Andy Grammar.
  3. Singing. I’ve been singing my whole life. It’s my prayer language – how me & Jesus connect the easiest.
  4. Writing. At least, others tell me they enjoy and even receive encouragement through my writing. And since this is a blog, it would seem silly not to include writing on this list.
  5. Washing dishes. Really. I enjoy it, so that alone makes me pretty good at it. It’s an easy way I can serve others. And gives me an excuse to get up from the table and be active instead of just sitting there – while remaining in the room, keeping the connection open.

1 thought on “5 things

  1. commenter

    You are indeed good at all these things. I have been blessed personally by 2, 3, 4…and even 5. Thank you for sharing your gifts!



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