get physical

What are your favorite physical activities or exercises?

Running. I’m first and foremost a runner. I get that “runner’s high”! It’s real. And I enjoy solo runs. I call them “me & Jesus time”. It’s also a very practical, economical form of exercise. Have shoes, will run anywhere! And, I haven’t run everywhere, I’ve run 5 miles or more in 37 US States so far. I’d dreamed of all 50 by age 50, but missed that mark, so now I’m shooting for 50 by 55! I can also get my fastest calorie burn by running, which translates to less time to stay fit! Though, I get out on some pretty long runs sometimes.

Walking. I love to go on walks with the wife! We connect well, emotionally, when walking. And the conversations seem to “open up” too. There’s something about just striding it out together that helps us become more in sync as a couple. Funny enough, my wife walks faster than I do! I prefer to “stroll” more than “walk”. So it’s also a bit of a challenge for me just to keep up!

Yoga is very physical – I can work up a sweat “just standing still”! But the mental/spiritual/emotional impact it has on me is immeasurable! I always feel more integrated as a human after a good yoga session!. It’s also a great way to work on agility and balance. I’m no “spring chicken”.

Swimming is my “least favorite” in the sense that it’s probably the hardest physical activity I do. And I am not a “fish out of water” – it’s not natural for me. I have to work pretty hard at it! And I also have to practice diligence at “staying in my lane”, mentally (and sometimes literally). I start comparing myself to others, then I start trying to compete or even just keep up. And then stuff goes sideways – or I go sideways! So the “mental” aspect of swimming is what challenges me the most. I also miss my swim days a lot right now. We moved recently and don’t live anywhere near a lap pool or body of water that isn’t reeaally cold. I’m sad I haven’t been able to go in a while.

Cycling is just a blast! With others! I’m no solo cyclist. Getting on a road bike, forming a pace line, and cruising at 18+ mph down the highway, working together to get that feeling of flying. I imagine a peloton of cyclists must feel a little like a flock of Canadian geese! Except…maybe less noisy?

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