Special Day…

I just received a calendar entry notification that hit me like a gut punch.

Tomorrow marks the anniversary of your death. The iPhone calendar doesn’t handle these things in a very compassionate or sympathetic manner. According to the calendar, tomorrow is “your special day”.

I was immediately angry!

50 years. Tomorrow marks the day you died. 50 years ago.

your special day…

But then again, 50 years ago you shuffled off this mortal coil. To be, or not to be, was no longer the question. You left this mess we call life, with all its weakness and pain and failure and suffering, and entered perfection! You stepped off this earthly plane and entered eternity! Into the presence of a love so immense there’s no way to humanly explain, and certainly no way to contain!

Happy special day (a bit early), Mom. I love and miss you. See you soon!

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