Have you ever been in an automobile accident?

I’ve been in a few auto accidents. Today, I’ll just write about the first. I was maybe 4 years old. My dad hired a babysitter to stay with my sister and me. I really liked the babysitter. I remember her being really sweet to us, and she doted on me a lot. And I think, even as a little child, I must’ve been kinda sweet on her, too. She decided to take us to Long John Silver’s to eat. I was SO excited! We were on the way, my sister and I riding in the back seat of her car, and then there was a big noise and I found myself suddenly in the floorboard!

These things never really scared me. I was such a curious person, I was just trying to make sense of what happened. And where were we? Did we make it to Long John Silver’s? What was that noise? Why did we stop so suddenly? My sister was also in the floorboard. The babysitter told us to just stay there. Okay, a new game! I can do this. We stayed there quite a while, then there were voices at her window. After a while longer, my dad showed up and took us back home.

I was disappointed to the point of tears we didn’t get Long John Silver’s. And, I was really sad and even confused why we never got to be with that babysitter again.

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