What books do you want to read?

I enjoy reading. There’s three reasons I read:

Escape – I have a perceived need to dissociate that began in me when I was a young boy. I can escape into a novel and simply disappear. If it gets my attention, I’m gone.

Ideas – most of the books I read are not novels. I read them to learn and grasp new ideas. My struggle is finishing these books. Once I feel like the primary idea has been conveyed, I struggle to continue.

Story – I really enjoy reading other people’s stories. Living somewhat vicariously through their experiences. I also have learned a great deal this way.

So, the perfect book for me would include all three of these elements.

With that said, here’s some of the books I currently have on my “want to read” list:

The Strength In Our Scars – Bianca Sparancino

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