I’m pausing my reading of this amazing book to blog about this quote from Dr. Susan David that just jumped off the page at me!

My wife and I moved in with my dad recently. He was living alone in a house too large for him. He wasn’t ready to move, and he doesn’t need to be on his own at this season of his life. We have our own separate quarters (think garage apartment), which is a blessing and privilege affording me the space to not be always in his space.

I work from home. Right now, I primarily write for a living. Writing is also my outlet. In fact, writing often provides me an entry point to my day, from which I find it easier to navigate the landscape of my own mind and the world around me.

Since my earliest memories, I’ve walked on eggshells when around my dad. it’s always been rather unpredictable.

Anybody else see an issue here?

I asked him, earlier today, for the opportunity to talk more about our relationship. On his time, when he’s ready. I need this. He needs it, too. I’m just not sure…well, not sure of a lot when it comes to my dad.

For now, though, back to this great book!

6 thoughts on “eggshells

  1. Stephanie Seven

    It can be difficult when making decisions about approaching family members. You will find the right time. Is there a hobby or pastime he enjoys and maybe you can get to chat?
    I hope you break that barrier and wish you all the best. Enjoy your book!😊

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  2. Ellie Thompson

    I’ve done plenty of walking on eggshells in my life, David. I did it all through an abusive relationship; I’ve done it in a strained relationship with my daughter for many years (although I’m pleased to say we now get on better than we used to.) And, like you, mainly around my father. I never knew when he would snap or yell at me, so I was always creeping around on eggshells with him. It’s not an easy place to be in emotionally. It’s good that you’ve got your own space in your dad’s house – it wouldn’t be good to live on top of each other all the time. I hope you and your dad manage to find the time and the words to have an honest conversation about this. I love that quote, by the way. Enjoy your book – it sounds very interesting 😊.

    Can I ask you what else you write, apart from your blog, as you said you write for your job? Just interested. Feel free to ignore that question if it’s not appropriate.

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    1. David Post author

      Thanks for the thoughtful response, Ellie.

      I do some “technical” writing / editing as a contractor. Training stuff, policy editing, etc. I think most people would not find it at all interesting. And it’s not “creative” like blogging, but I do enjoy it. Feels like I’m making a difference.

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