Something on your “to-do list” that never gets done.

…or not to-do. That is a question.

I do not have a to-do list. My brain doesn’t even close to function like that. It’s just a big swirl of stuff up there.

There was a a time in my career when I bought into the Franklin Covey planner thing. Actually, my boss bought into it for me, so I went along. I ordered a really cool looking leather planner. That was not on his list. He only intended to pay for the basic one. But, I guess his list failed to tell him to communicate that to me. So, I got the nice one and he got over it. I took the prescribed course on how to make lists, and I could make them. I often just listed stuff I’d already done so I could check it off. Look at me, being so productive!

But no, not in a long time, have I used a to-do list. Not to say I don’t get stuff done. I do. There’s just no list. When something needs to be done, a thought is place in the whirlwind of info in my mind. And, it stays there, reminding me of itself until I do the thing. And then it’s gone.

There are also thoughts floating in my head that do not seem to make their way into action. If I were to have those written down, they would be frustrating, condemning, and even shame-inducing. Visual reminders of areas where I feel I’m failing – mostly relational. I’m not putting that on any actual list. No thanks! It’s easier to hide from them if I don’t see them.

Speaking of “seeing them” (thoughts), I read or heard that we either see, hear, or feel our thoughts. My mental landscape seems to be mostly feelings that just form into thoughts. Ironically, until I started practicing mindfulness, I had the hardest time actually knowing what I feel! Thank God for therapy and brain science-y experts and stories of others who have done the work ahead of me! And that brings me to a feeling of much gratitude, and even love.

Now that this post has gone way off-rails, or maybe just followed the path of least resistance, I wonder…are you aware of how you perceive thought? And what’s your take on to-do lists? To-do, or not to-do?

11 thoughts on “to-do

  1. issababycreates

    I have tried several times to be the person with one of those beautiful planners (think Happy Planner) with personal drawings, beautiful coordinating stickers, colored ink, inspirational quotes, and lists galore! But I am not that person. I could never maintain it and honestly I never did even understand it completely. It just looked so pretty! But I did find a planner at Five Below that works for me. There are just daily undated pages with a few prompts that I can fill in as I want. No guilt when I skip days. And, yes, I decorate it with pretty stickers! 😄

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  2. Read Between the Lyme

    I use to do lists for work. But I only keep about 5 things at a time on there – ok 7 max. It’s just so I don’t forget to do them (got some memory issues going on right now). I have envied those around me who utilize planners – there are some really nice ones out there! But I learned in college that those were not for me.

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    1. David Post author

      Envy is a big thing with me. I can convince myself that the way others do things *must* be better. But…I’m learning contentment and noticing I already have ways that work, even if they make no sense to anyone else but me!


    1. David Post author

      I love words. They also escape me all the time! And then I fixate on them, often pulling in others to help me figure out what I was even trying to say, which can get kinda comical!


      1. David Post author

        Seems to me you’re still a writer… a blogger writes…writers write. Now I’m fixated on the word write and it looks silly to me.

        “Skitter away” – that’s great word art right there!!


      2. Willow

        You’re right, I blog because even though I can’t seem to get the creative juices flowing, I still have an uncontrollable need to write things down. ^_^ Alas and alack one can see the lack of creativity in my blogging though. But it’s better than not writing at all.

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