Confessional Communities

I’m fascintated with confessional communities and the transformative effect they can have. I’ve read Dr. Curt Thompson‘s other books and they are resources I continually use on my life’s journey. I also really enjoy his Being Known podcast. I have access to his latest book, The Soul of Desire, and will be reading it soon, with hopes to understand how I might participate in, if not start, my own confessional community. I will likely write more another time. Meanwhile, here’s a great post from the blog of Aimee Byrd.

Confessional Communities

Aimee Byrd

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This is my third post on Dr. Curt Thompson’s book, The Soul of Desire. Today I want to introduce his practice of confessional communities. It is a form of group therapy. In reading about this method of interpersonal neurobiological psychotherapy that Dr. Thompson practices, I thought about how our friendships need to be more like this and our discipleship in church. As Dr. Thompson says, “It is in communities like these that we encounter the possibility of being deeply known and where we ‘practice for heaven.’” These small group meetings of between 6-8 people create a space where people are seen, soothed, safe, and secure while they express their grief, trauma, and desires. It’s facilitated and led by the therapists, but the patients play a collaborative part in creating beauty together out of pain and unrequited desires. Both the being seen in a…

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