What’s your favorite candy?

Air used to be free at the fuel station. Now it’s $1.50. Wanna know why?

My favorite candy is a “candy bar”. Snickers.

When I was working long days on my feet every day, I would almost always have a Snickers bar in my backpack. Not that I ate one every day, but knowing it was there was a comfort. It got to the point, though, that when I became “hangry”, my team members would often suggest maybe it’s time to eat a Snickers. And, inevitably, that worked.

The Snickers website says (at least right now) and I quote: “Hungry? Maybe you just need a Snickers.”

I’m telling you, for me it’s true!

On my 50th birthday last year, my daughter mailed me a special gift. It was a box full of Snickers bars. Several of the “Snickers original” 1.86 oz bars, and then the rest were all smaller 1 oz bars. It was awesome!

Even more awesome, though, was that on each of the 50 bars, she attached a hand-written note.

On one side of each note, she wrote a “dad joke”. Most of them were as lame as you might imagine. But on the other side… this puts such a huge smile on my face… she wrote about a memory – a time she and I shared together over the course of her 21 years so far. Well, most of them were her memories. A few were written by her husband, sharing memorable moments he and I have shared so far.

I’ve since eaten all the Snickers bars, but I took my sweet time reading through those memories and jokes. I’ve “snickered” at more than a few of the jokes, and shared a few (you’re welcome for the inflation joke). But those memories…no snickers for them.

Lots of smiles, and a few tears too!

17 thoughts on “Snickers

  1. Ellie Thompson

    I had no idea you had to pay for air at a petrol station! That’s ridiculous, isn’t it!? How on Earth do they get away with that?

    You say that Snickers used to be called ‘candy bar’, which is odd because Snickers, over here in the UK, used to be called Marathon. I wasn’t aware it had any other name, but so many sweets and chocolates have rebranded over the years that I’ve lost track of them.

    What a wonderful gift to have received, not only the candy but the handwritten notes. Do keep those always, as it’s only when we no longer have our loved ones that things like this become so precious. I appreciate, naturally, that your daughter is [obviously] younger than you (goes without saying, really!), but when you are no longer here (hopefully, that’s going to be a long, long way off into the future yet), she may find these notes again and treasure them. It wasn’t till I lost my dear Mum that we were having to go through her house, and I came across loads of cards and letters I’d sent my Mum when I was young. It was emotional but beautiful to look through them again, knowing that she’d treasured them for all that time.

    Happy belated 50th birthday, David 🎈.

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    1. David Post author

      Some places still allow use of the air for free… it *was*, after all, a “dad joke”. 😏

      When I called Snickers a “candy bar”, I just meant that my favorite “candy” wasn’t really “candy” in the most basic sense of the word, but rather a “candy bar”. So I was stretching the meaning a bit, for my purposes.

      Yeah, I read on their website that Snickers was called Marathon in the UK, from 1967 til 1990. I guess they didn’t initially think the Snickers name was as marketable?

      I’ll keep these memory notes for as long as I live! For certain!

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  2. Brenda

    Milky way is a fluffy whipped centre covered in chocolate. Smaller than a Mars Bar which has some caramel under the chocolate with a kind of nougat filling … more dense than the Milky Way

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  3. Ellie Thompson

    Oh, gulp, red-flushed cheeks with embarrassment 😳 … How gullible am I … thinking you really had to pay for air at a petrol station!? I’ll never live it down 😂. My excuse is that I don’t drive, never have, so I never needed to get air anywhere (except when I got a puncture in my back wheelchair’s back tyre). Believe it or not, that happened to me at the end of the Southend-on-Sea pier – the longest pier in the world at 2.16K! It’s a long story. I blogged about it sometime last year.

    Also, Brenda is spot on with the Mars Bar and Milky Way description for our UK chocolates. There are lots of sweets and chocolate bars we can’t get over here now, things like Spangles, Wispa (my favourite), and Toffo (pulled all your fillings out!)

    I’m glad you’re going to keep all those little notes from your daughter. I’ve got notes from my son and daughter tucked away safely upstairs somewhere, too. I treasure those. Have a great rest of the day, whatever time it is over there 😊.

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