Open Sesame

Is it possible to be too open?

This is the closing question of my fellow blogger, whom I only know as LA. I often wrestle with this question in my own writing.

Being true to the original intent of my blog, I want to share the question and look forward to your replies. And…no need to even reply on this site. I’m following the comments on LA’s site!

Waking up on the Wrong Side of 50

I write about a lot of personal stuff on my blog. If I have angst, you’ll probably hear about it? Parental issues? Parenting? Marriage? Relationships? Yup- all fair game on my blog. In fact, back in the early days of my blog I heard my daughter say to my husband:

We better dial down the stupid, or Mom will write about it…

I know there are other bloggers like this, bloggers that open up their personal lives to the blogging community. The ones that share the really hard stuff, they are my hero’s. They let others know that they are not alone in the fight that we refer to as life.


Is there such a thing as being too open?

Are there things that should not be discussed in a forum such as ours?

Have you ever read a blog and cringed, and inwardly wished that someone hadn’t let…

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4 thoughts on “Open Sesame

    1. David Post author

      Yeah, I’m relentlessly pursuing “should” from my vocabulary. It can be such a shame-inducing word. And I can totally see how I might also get annoyed if I open the door and there’s no reciprocation. Though, for me, it might not be so much annoyed as hurt?

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