lose myself

What activities do you lose yourself in?


With my neurodivergent mind, I have the gift of hyper-focus. If it gets my attention, I’m likely to give it more attention, and for longer than I intended. Additionally, I have some OCD tendencies. I don’t want to make light of actual OCD or people with OCPD. But if something catches my attention – say, something out of place – there are definitely times when I will obsessively focus on that one thing or situation until it has been resolved, but then I may also return to it several times afterwards – just to be sure!

Oh! And music!

If there’s any one thing that captures my attention more than anything, it’s definitely music. I listen to music at all times of the day. I listen to a lot of Christian music, as well as classical, jazz, and blues. I’m a total sap for a good love song or a melancholy lyric about anything. I enjoy finding yet-discovered gems, and my favorite music is the kind with deep-thinking lyrics. If a song grabs my attention and makes me stop to think, I will play it on loop for hours or even days. Though… this is something I can only do for so long when my wife is around. She burns out on a song pretty quick. If I play it more than once, she’s ready for me to move on! So, I usually play songs on loop when by myself or with headphones.

How about you? How do you feel about music? What takes your attention?

4 thoughts on “lose myself

  1. tamweary

    So funny!! My husband has a new jazz Cd and he has been playing it on loop. I thought it was only me, who he’s been driving nuts. But my 12 year old son quickly discouraged his dad from playing that same song again, after he saw his dad slide that same cd into the car player on the way to school! We’ve had enough love!! Time for a new song…to play on loop for a while🤣

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