What makes you most anxious?


More specifically, being misunderstood by people. The more I care for them, the more anxious I become when we have a misunderstanding. And due to my attachment style, the more I feel the need to prove I’m worthy of their care, attention, and love. I’ve only, within the past year or so, learned I even have anxiety – but now I’m recognizing that it has shaped much of my life up to now!

I’m learning, when it comes to being understood, I can’t just try harder. In fact, I am learning to try softer. At least I think that’s what I’m learning. I haven’t yet read Aundi Kolber’s book by that title yet, but I keep hearing good stuff about it. Maybe it’s time for me to grab a copy….

Okay, I picked up a copy from Kindle! Time for some reading.

7 thoughts on “anxiety

  1. Endless Weekend

    A while back I shared some advice that a friend gave me, about taking care of one’s crystal balls, and your post makes me think that friendships might be one of those crystal balls, that once broken, or even cracked, might be hard to mend. But more recently I shared an Aesop fable about which can extend here as well: some relationships might be worthy of bending over backwards to preserve, and maybe some have too high of a cost to preserve?

    I guess what I’m fumbling in saying is: it’s wonderful to be self aware enough to know which is which, so perhaps it’s something to take comfort in already?

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      1. David Post author

        Yeah, it’s annoying when the app does dumb stuff. But in this case, your comment went to my “pending” because you included a link. I appreciate that built-in safety precaution! 😁

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