Daily writing prompt
What is one word that describes you?

I’ve thought of a lot of different words, but every time I come up with something, an instance when it was not true of me also came to mind. If the prompt had included “usually”, or “generally” this would be easy.

But, no.

I think I’ll just start writing stuff down until I can’t think of a case when the opposite isn’t also true.

I am:
– gregarious, but also quite melancholy
– honest, however also I lie
– curious, except when I’m just bored
– intense, but then I can be pretty relaxed at times
– kind, and also I’ve been cruel
– grateful, yet short-sighted
– giving, and selfish
– hopeful, yet also say I’m “realistic”
– unpredictable, though I have predictable patterns and things I say (just ask my kids)
– loving, however sometimes quite apathetic
– reliable, but not always
– humble, and pretty prideful too
– patient, though only in some circumstances
– impulsive, however I am learning to be more intentional
– encouraging, yet critical
– unique, and also very much the same as many others

Every. Word. I come up with has an opposite that is also true!

And now, just now, a word hit me that actually fits for me in a universal sense. Paradoxical. Or maybe…contradictory? Or, maybe just ordinary…nah, can’t be that! I think I’ll stick with paradoxical.

Okay, now please assuage my frail ego and tell me I’m not the only one who found it arduous to come up with just one word that is an accurate description for myself?

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