no spring chicken

I am in some serious pain today. I hate it! I’m actually feeling a lot of anger about it! This isn’t supposed to happen to somone who takes care of his body, exercises routinely, and does all the things one is “supposed” to do in order to be healthy! Okay, most of the things. Well anyway, a lot of the things.

It seems I’ve tweaked my back or lower hips some kind of way. I’ve literally fallen over a couple of times when this sharp spasm has hit me. It’s debilitating and infuriating! It also hit me no less than a dozen times last night as I was trying to sleep. Any kind of movement could set me off! I felt sorry for my wife, because I know I startled her with my groans and cries! But she has been very kind to me anyway. I love that woman!

This isn’t stress or tension. I wear that higher – in my upper back or shoulders. And I don’t have anything to be stressed about right now. Something is out of whack! I think maybe it started a couple days ago during a routine run. I did something out of routine – deviating from my chosen path to chase down an errant soccer ball and kick it back to its child owner. After that, I turned to get back on route, and there was a sudden incline to the ground. My left foot landed on that inclined area in a most awkward way, and my back hurt for a moment. But then I continued on and didn’t think anything more about it. Yesterday went really well, too. My back felt a little sore, but not sore enough to keep me from riding my motorcycle, helping my wife move some heavy furniture at her office, and even go for a 20 mile bike ride last night. But then after I got home from the ride, things took a turn! By bedtime, I was in some pretty severe pain!

I went to a chiropractor this morning. Well, actually my aging dad, who is in poor health and doesn’t get around very well, drove me. I would usually prefer NOT to ride with him, but my pain was that bad! I didn’t trust myself to drive without possibly wrecking! I was super hopeful a quick adjustment would provide significant if not total relief. The chiropractor did a lot of work on me – some of which seemed to hurt me more in the moment. But what do I know? I’m not trained in such matters. I’m going back to the chiropractor this evening – per his recommendation. After that first session, I am less than hopeful about getting much relief – or at least, not quickly. It seems I may be in for a longer recovery journey than I would like.

Argh… as the saying goes, I guess “I ain’t no spring chicken”. Not any more! If this is just the beginning of what’s to come…I don’t even wanna think about it!

3 thoughts on “no spring chicken

  1. Willow

    Ow! You have my sympathies. Back pain is nothing to be sneezed at. I have a degenerative disc in my lower back that has landed me in the ER a couple of times. You might wanna get some x-rays done.

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