puny god

Daily writing prompt
What book could you read over and over again?

I don’t typically like to re-read books. If they speak truth into my life, I will refer to them often. But to actually go back and read again, cover to cover, is a hard thing for me. I read to grasp ideas. Once the idea has been lodged into my mind, I might not even finish reading the book. This goes for novel reading as well as when I read for learning.

The only book I’ve read over and over is a collection of books and stories – the bible. And from it, I’ve definitely re-read a few books more than any others. Those would be Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Lamentations. I think probably because they’re the more pain-filled books to read. While I love a good story, I am drawn to pain as a source of encouragement like no other. I know, that may seem weird. But to me, if God can’t show up in the pain, then he’s a puny god.

(yes, that’s a beautiful clip of one of my favorite moments from The Avengers)

(it is repeated in a different way in Thor Ragnarok, if you wanna see)

(yes, I know…that’s not a book, but if it were I would read it!)

(no, I don’t think comics are the same as books)

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