risk it for the biscuit!

When is the last time you took a risk? How did it work out?

Define risk?

I got on a bike earlier this week and rode about 20 miles with a group of people I don’t really know. We traversed roads where automobiles all but brushed up against us as we rode. It seems we weren’t always welcome, though we were not breaking any laws. At times, we exceeded 30 miles per hour. That’s pretty fast on a bike, but I’ve gone faster! Still…no laws were broken. The road surfaces were somewhat broken in places. They were definitely not always smooth – and some sections were bone-jarring! I followed along behind other riders, clocking an average of over 17 miles per hour, often mere inches separating the rear tire of the rider ahead of me from the front tire of my own bicycle.

How did it go? I would have to say it was a great ride! I really enjoyed it!

Even more recently – just yesterday, I walked into an office where I was unknown and began learning a work role I’ve never done before. And just a few days before that, I sent a text to someone telling them I had interest in that position. Then met with strangers to tell them why I thought the job would be a fit for me, and I for it.

How was it? I’d have to say…fine so far. They hired me to do the work, and even gave me keys to the building on my first day there. Anyone perceive some risk in that??

Just yesterday, I went on two separate walks of about two miles each. One was in the city, with automobiles bustling all about. The other was in the country on a narrow and somewhat dilapidated road. Risks were present both times.

I enjoyed both occasions!

I regularly ride a motorcycle. Simply being on it is a risk. I don’t always stay within the speed limit. Some would say that’s actually for my safety – that it’s typically better to be traveling faster than the general traffic pattern, so the larger, much heavier vehicles don’t have opportunity to hit a motorcycle from behind. I’ll leave that up to the experts. Riding a motorcycle is more risky, regardless, than traveling by auto.

Risk is inherent in every situation, every decision. In fact, writing this blog has risk. I have no doubt there are people, and not even just actual people but also programs, that follow blogs for the sole purpose of data mining – with the intent to use information gathered for nefarious purposes.

So maybe it would be better to just hide out and stay home? Maybe even just stay in bed.

Nope. There’s plenty of risk involved, even in deciding not to do anything. People are designed for connection. And virtual connection alone will not suffice. We need to be active, and not just living a lethargic, sedentary lifestyle. Doing so leads to all sorts of health risks!

In fact, we simply must take risks in order to really live or experience all that life has to offer!

As the old adage goes, no risk, no reward! Although, I like another phrase better. It’s just more fun!

Risk it for the biscuit!

And hey, if you want to read up on the origin of that phrase, which seems to come from Ireland in the mid-1960s, here’s a write-up about it! I will say, there’s even some risk in opening that link. The website is full of advertising. So the article itself could be clickbait – yet another form of risk!

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