let’s discuss

What topics do you like to discuss?

I’ll talk about anything. I’m no expert – guaranteed, but I’ll talk about it! Or rather, I’ll enter a conversation about anything. It might not hold my interest for long.

It’s probable that I will exit the conversation as soon as someone tells me what I should or shouldn’t think, say, or do.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy to listen to your opinion on just about anything, and I quite enjoy hearing someone else’s perspective. Even if, and sometimes especially when, it differs from mine. I might end up rethinking my own approach to life or a specific situation as a result, and that’s great!

I will probably glaze over pretty quickly if the topic is superficial. I’ll give a few seconds to a conversation about the weather, or about how some sports team is doing. But I will definitely lose interest – quickly! let’s get to the good stuff!

My favorite topic: you. Tell me what makes you tick, and what gets you ticked off! That’s where it gets the most interesting for me!

Let’s talk about it! Gimme The Good Parts!

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