What do you do to be involved in the community?

Today, I asked a few people “what do you feel?”

Not “how do you feel”, or “how are you doing”.

The change from “how” to “what” is a very different question and opens the possibility for a very different answer. It the response can be emotional, physical, even spiritual!

I asked this of people in the greater community of the world – thanks to the internet and the communities I’m part of within it. I asked it of people in my area – within driving distance – also through online platforms specifically built to provide local support to people who are struggling.

And then I dared to ask it of my own dad, sitting a few feet away. And he answered with a level of seriousness and even vulnerability that was surprising. If you’ve followed my story much, then you know that’s a big deal!

Now, I’ll ask you – those within this blogging community. What are you feeling?

9 thoughts on “community

  1. LA

    We have so much family going on. Presently I’m feeling like things are being rushed about something that really shouldn’t be rushed. I’m happy and sad about my daughters impending graduation. I’m happy that my parents were well enough to sing a very off key happy birthday to me.

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  2. Cate Covert

    After a big period of changes, I feel like the tortoise that sticks its head out of its shell again to see the world–to see if the danger has passed.

    A great deal of my social life over the past couple of years has been involved with online communities. My work is pretty solitary, except for my counseling sessions which I conduct online, usually over Zoom.

    My garden gets me out in the sunshine, where neighbors pass by and wave – some even stop to chat. I don’t want to become “ossified”–my term for becoming stuck in my ways–so it’s probably time for me to find a social group IRL; maybe a writing group like the one I used to attend before the plandemic.

    Thanks for asking! What are YOU feeling?

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    1. David Post author

      I can identify with that tortoise feeling. Certainly! And yeah, I have to remind myself to “get out there”! For a long time I considered myself to be an extrovert, but now I see that I was often playing a bit – entering the room the way I felt I “should” in order to be safe. I’m much more cautious now about stepping into anything new, especially new social situations.

      What am I feeling?
      Let me grab my feeling wheel “right quick”…

      Playful, intimidated, appreciated, dismissed, sentimental, regretful, intelligent, skeptical, semi-content and a bit dissatisfied.

      And I’ll add grateful for your kindness through participation. 😊

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