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What makes you most anxious?


More specifically, being misunderstood by people. The more I care for them, the more anxious I become when we have a misunderstanding. And due to my attachment style, the more I feel the need to prove I’m worthy of their care, attention, and love. I’ve only, within the past year or so, learned I even have anxiety – but now I’m recognizing that it has shaped much of my life up to now!

I’m learning, when it comes to being understood, I can’t just try harder. In fact, I am learning to try softer. At least I think that’s what I’m learning. I haven’t yet read Aundi Kolber’s book by that title yet, but I keep hearing good stuff about it. Maybe it’s time for me to grab a copy….

Okay, I picked up a copy from Kindle! Time for some reading.