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What do you do to be involved in the community?

Today, I asked a few people “what do you feel?”

Not “how do you feel”, or “how are you doing”.

The change from “how” to “what” is a very different question and opens the possibility for a very different answer. It the response can be emotional, physical, even spiritual!

I asked this of people in the greater community of the world – thanks to the internet and the communities I’m part of within it. I asked it of people in my area – within driving distance – also through online platforms specifically built to provide local support to people who are struggling.

And then I dared to ask it of my own dad, sitting a few feet away. And he answered with a level of seriousness and even vulnerability that was surprising. If you’ve followed my story much, then you know that’s a big deal!

Now, I’ll ask you – those within this blogging community. What are you feeling?