good ≠ good

Tell me about a good TV series you like to watch.

Read any good books lately?

That was an awesome movie!

Have you heard that new song? It’s SO good!

Hey, I’ve got this really great game we should play…

These are all phrases I’ve seen, heard or spoken lately. But that word “good” doesn’t seem to mean what it once did.

Reading through the list, what first came to mind? What makes that song, that book, that show good? Does that match up with the traditional definition? Or even any of the definitions for good as listed on

It seems to me that the word good, and many of its synonyms, has taken on a wholly different meaning in today’s society. We don’t really mean morally excellent, virtuous, or righteous. We might mean entertaining, riveting or thrilling.  But that movie with 67 expletives, 13 murders, numerous sex scenes and non-stop sexual innuendo? Surely you don’t mean to tell me it’s wholesome or redeeming. Please tell me how that card game designed to be “despicable and awkward” is pleasant, healthful, or beneficial. I don’t think you mean to tell me that music with the edgy sound and upbeat rhythms yet speaking of others in condescending, even hateful ways is beneficent or untainted.

Personally, I’m tired of people telling me everything under the sun is good, when I know full well that’s just not true. From a scriptural standpoint, those of us who believe in Christ are taught to flee immorality, to fix our thoughts on that which is true, noble, pure, lovely, admirable, etc. We are admonished to fix our eyes on JESUS, the author and perfecter of our faith. I can’t claim to consistently live that out, without error. I’m a work in progress. But I hope I can at least stick to the real meaning of words, and in so doing communicate with others in a helpful, transparent manner. Is it too much to ask others to do the same?

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