3 thoughts on “too (bad it’s) true…

  1. Ellie Thompson

    Coming from someone (me) who doesn’t practise a religion anymore, I really enjoyed this song and video. It reminded me of how I wish my old and last church had been. I left about five years ago because I felt constantly excluded from the rest of the congregation, and as the only wheelchair user there, I wasn’t made welcome at all. There’s more to it than that, but I don’t want to bore you with the details. Needless to say, had I been made to feel more ‘at home’, I may well have still been there now. Perhaps, some things are not meant to be … 😞.


    1. David Post author

      I appreciate your candor, Ellie.

      Have you looked into Attachment Theory? I’m learning a lot about it right now, and find it very helpful in understanding how I came to be the person I am – cracked up, broken, yet still useful and worthy of connection. Even with God. I don’t care much for “religion”, and I’ve had problems connecting well with God. I’m learning it has a lot to do with my attachment style – which I overlay onto every relationship.

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      1. Ellie Thompson

        Thank you, David. I have looked into Attachment Theory in the past, and apparently, I am an insecure anxious attachment-style person. I have taken an online Attachment Theory quiz, but I am not sure they are accurate, as the questions tend to concentrate on romantic relationships, something I don’t have and don’t choose to have anymore. I’ve been hurt too many times in the past, and I prefer my own company or the company of close friends (it’s ‘safer’ that way). I do know that I had a very insecure childhood, the effects of which still govern how I am today. Thank you for sharing how you feel about relationships, even with God. I don’t have a faith at all and never was truly able to connect with a God, either.


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