Worth loving…

Ever felt unworthy, unloved, like you have to prove your worth to others? I’ve been there, and in fact am still there in some ways.  Here’s a painful look into the life of one lost child, a boy shuffled through the system. I won’t post any images for this one. There’s a word picture – a direct quote from the blog – that is an image burned into my mind.

“Nine-year old Stephen grips his report card in sweaty hands. We’re headed to an adoption event, where we will meet families who want to adopt an older child; families who do not automatically rule out a boy like Stephen with all of his long “history.” And he wants to impress them, these strangers. He wants to win them over, and so he brings his good report card along as tangible proof that he is a child worth loving.”  (italics and emphasis added)

Here’s the rest of the story.

Please don’t read this blog as a “sad story” or as a way to make you feel better about your comfortable life. Don’t let it harden your heart. Get involved somehow.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

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