Where can you reduce clutter in your life?


My wife and I live a fairly minimalist lifestyle. With the exception of a few keepsake type items, if we don’t use it, we don’t keep it. There’s just not a lot of extra. Don’t get me wrong…we have way more than we “need”. But a) I like things to stay clean & neat and b) she has great organizational skills. So, clutter is not an issue for us.

However…my mind…that’s a different story. I have more thoughts and feelings and ideas in there than I know what to do with!

(argh…now I’m bothered that I just ended that sentence with a preposition, and arguing with myself that it still makes more sense than trying to write it out “correctly”)

Most of what’s in there is half-baked, too! I have lived with ADHD my entire life. Coming up with ideas and starting new things is easy for me. Finishing well is not my strong suit – especially when it comes to the ideas in my own grey matter.

I even started this blog many years ago with an idea in mind. And then I stopped, and then I restarted. And the idea is still there, but the execution is…different. If not for these daily prompts, I might not have much to write. Okay, I have plenty I could write. It’s often just too cluttered for me to get there.

And there I go…pretty sure that was a digress. Or maybe not? I don’t know…

7 thoughts on “de-clutter

  1. LA

    Ha. I have a planner and every idea for a blog goes into the planner in a date. Then when I get to that date, that’s the topic I blog about. For example, the post I posted today was from something that happened in November. I also added a blog idea for April. It works for me.

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    1. David Post author

      That’s a more organized approach than I have taken with my blogging, for sure! I’d have to say I’m more “organic” than “organized”.

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      1. LA

        I’m organic on my Friday posts, which I write on Wednesday. When I sit at the computer I rarely have anything more than a broad idea. Saturday and Sunday are basically recaps

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